Indonesia seeks to host 2032 Summer Olympics

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- The most populous country in Southeast Asia hopes to be the first in its region to host an Olympiad. Indonesia is officially in the running for the 2032 Olympic Games, it was reported. The International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland reportedly received Indonesia's request in mid-February.

Southeast Asia has never hosted an Olympiad - summer or winter. Olympic events were hosted elsewhere on the continent, however, such as in Beijing (China), Seoul (South Korea), Pyeongchang (South Korea), Sapporo (Japan), Nagano (Japan) and Tokyo (Japan).

Indonesia, which is home to more than 260 million people, won three medals (one gold and two silver) at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The country has 32 total medals (seven gold, 13 silver, 12 bronze):

- 3, 2016, Rio de Janeiro

- 3, 2012, London

- 6, 2008, Beijing

- 4, 2004, Athens

- 6, 2000, Sydney

- 4, 1996, Atlanta

- 5, 1992, Barcelona

- 1, 1988, Seoul.

Other countries potentially competing against Indonesia to wear the gold medal of 2032 Summer Games host are Australia, India, the Koreas and Russia. India is the only country on the list to have never hosted an Olympiad. North and South Korea could be applying for the 2032 Summer Games as one country, according to news reports.

Jakarta and Palembang hosted the 18th Asian Games last year, giving Indonesia the foundation it needs to make a case for hosting an international athletic competition.

Australia, the Koreas Russia can make strong cases for the 2032 Summer Olympiad to be held in those respective countries, due to experience or already existing infrastructure. Both experience and infrastructure were certainly factors the four of the five most recent Summer Games hosts - London, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles - used to their advantage.

Sydney hosted the 2000 Summer Games, while Moscow served as home of the 1980 Summer Games (which the United States boycotted); the 1956 Summer Olympiad was held in Melbourne, Australia.

South Korea, meanwhile, was home to the 1988 Summer Games (Seoul) and 2018 Winter Games (Pyeongchang). The 2002 World Cup was partially held in South Korea, as well. The 2014 Winter Olympiad was held in Sochi, Russia.

The next three Summer Games will be held in Tokyo (2020), Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2028). Beijing, which hosted the Summer Games in 2008, will be home to the 2022 Winter Olympics; the site of the 2026 Winter Games has not yet been decided.

Indonesia is the world's third largest democracy (behind the United States and India), largest Muslim majority country and largest archipelagic state, according to the Central Intelligence Agency. Most of the country's population lives on the island of Java.

There are a few hazards and controversial issues in Indonesia, sic as droughts, earthquakes and volcanic activity. There are 76 historically active volcanoes in Indonesia, for example.

Large scale (illegal) deforestation, smog and water pollution are but some of the environmental issues Indonesians deal with regularly.

The country's largest cities are Jakarta (10.5 million), Bekasi (3.2 million), Surabaya (2.9 million), Bandung (2.5 million) and Medan (2.3 million).

Indonesia was initially colonized by the Dutch in the 1600s and ruled by Japan during World War II. The country gained independence from The Netherlands in 1949; Indonesia did not gain Olympic recognition until 1992.