Indian American scientist inducted into Cleveland International Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Rock stars aren't the world's only gifted individuals who head to Cleveland to be inducted into a hall of fame. The city once abashedly referred to as the Mistake by the Lake has become a destination for some of the greatest talents to walk the Earth – and six of those people were inducted into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame on April 16, including an Indian American professor at Case Western Reserve University.

Sree Sreenath, a tenured professor with Case's Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and director of the university's GEMNI (Graduate Engineering and Management National and International) Program, was officially inducted into the Cleveland International Hall of Fame, as part of its 2019 class.

Photo provided by Cleveland International Hall of Fame.

Photo provided by Cleveland International Hall of Fame.

One news report hailed Sreenath as a social activist. Sreenath, who was born in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), India, has indeed been a social advocate, in addition to his academic work in biology and engineering. The U.S. immigrant experience, for example, should be celebrated, Sreenath said in a 2016 interview with Global Cleveland.

"This is a country of immigrants – some came 3 months, 3 years or 300 years ago.Immigrants work hard to establish themselves and bring the richness of their culture to the U.S.," Sreenath said in his Global Cleveland interview. "We create a composite culture. A hybrid is very strong, an alloy (mix of metals) has amazing properties that the original metals did not have. Research shows that Immigrant children continue to have that same work ethic and an inner fire to achieve."

The Cleveland International Hall of Fame recognized Sreenath for his research and nonprofit endeavors. A story posted about him on Case's alumni website put a spotlight on Sreenath's cancer research at Cleveland's most renowned private university. Much of Sreenath's research focuses on leukemia and prostate cancer.

Also recognized was Sreenath's work with Sewa International, which provides recovery, relief and rescue work in 25 disaster areas around the world. The areas affected by California's Camp Fire and hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria were some of the disasters where Sewa International offered its services.

Sreenath is also a practitioner of Vedic Math, according to the Cleveland International Hall of Fame's bio on the Case professor. Vedic mathematics highlights mental calculations and fosters a faster, more efficient manner to arrive at solutions.

Also inducted into the Hall of Fame were Dr. Akram Boutros, Ingrida Bublys, Paul Burik, Richard Fleishmann and Marilyn Madigan.

The class of six was culled from a pool of more than 150 nominees, according to news reports. The Cleveland International Hall of Fame was founded more than 10 years ago and has 50-plus inductees.