'Atlanta' director launches a new venture, 'Last Man Standing' character becomes series regular

HOLLYWOOD - Asian American Hollywood creatives earned a victories during the second full work week of 2019, what with the director of several Atlanta episodes creating a new production venture while two actors locked key roles on separate television series.

Hiro Murai, the Japanese American director who helmed several episodes of FX series Atlanta, joined forces with Grandview manager Nate Matteson to launch a television production venture. The collaboration would provide new filmmakers and storytellers with a platform to work on their craft, according to a Deadline Hollywood report.

Murai serves as executive producer of Atlanta and also directed seven of the series' episodes. He previously directed music videos or the likes of Childish Gambino, David Guetta and St. Vincent. 'Guava Island,' which stars Donald Glover and Rihanna, is Murai's first-ever foray into film directions.

Fox's Last Man Standing, meanwhile, will upgrade Krista Marie Yu's role of Jen from recurring to regular, Deadline Hollywood announced. Jen is a Hong Kong foreign exchange student living with Mike (Tim Allen) in Colorado. Yu made a name for herself as Molly Park on ABC's Dr. Ken and was featured in the YouTube web series Sync.

AMC's anthology series, The Terror, announced its second season will feature Christopher Naoki Lee, according to Deadline Hollywood. The actor will portray Ken Uehara. The character's affluent family is imprisoned in a World War II-era internment camp.

The Terror is set during World War II and sheds light on the Japanese American experience in California.

Lee had roles in episodes of several television series, such as Lethal Weapon, S.W.A.T., Jean-Claude Van Johnson, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Hawaii Five-O.